The DMK, the ToUCam, and Ra

Blogged by John Berryman on July 23, 2007 and tagged with Reviews, Sun.

My solar friend in Texas, Jeff Barton, whom I introduced to the site on a previous post, has finished some image comparisons in h-alpha sensitivity that I thought may be interesting for all DMK users. For the comparison, he used The Imaging Source DMK 21F04 FireWire camera.

In his flickr account, Jeff writes:

A comparison of the ToUCam Pro 840K and the DMK 21F04 firewirecam used with an h-alpha solar telescope. These photos were made about 2 hours apart using the same telescope. The color on the left is pinker than it normally appears in the telescope. I stretched the histogram to make the detail easier to see. In the scope this looks more of a bright reddish-orange.

Below is the comparison image:

NOTE: The Imaging Source cameras, and of course their owners, MUST wear solar filters when directly viewing the Sun.