Photos of the Moon, the Sun, Planets and Nebula

Blogged by Jonathan Maron on June 15, 2007 and tagged with Sample Images, Moon, Saturn, Mosaic, Sun.

While reading the Catching the Light blog, I came across a link to a high resolution image captured by Alan Friedman that shows magnificent details of the lunar craters Ptolemaeus, Alphonsus, Arzachel and Davy.

To capture this image, Alan deployed The Imaging Source DMK 21BF04 FireWire camera, 10″ Astro-Physics Maksutov-Cassegrain at F/30 (click for original):

On exploring Alan's web site, I came across the following spectacular images:

Prominence Panorama. A mosaic of images captured through the Zeiss APQ130 at F/15 and Coronado Solarmax 90 HAlpha filter and DMK monochrome FireWire camera (click for original):

Saturn on Good Friday. Astro-Physics 10″ Maksutov, Cassegrain at F/45, Baader FFC and The Imaging Source DMK 21BF04 FireWire camera (click for original):

M57 - the Ring Nebula. Luminance - 60x.5 minutes, A-P 10″ mak at f9, RGB - A-P 4.1″ Traveler at F/5.8, The Imaging Source DMK 21BF04 FireWire camera (click for original):

His web site - - offers a great number of very artistic images, a large number of which have been captured with The Imaging Source FireWire cameras. Enjoy.