'Tycho and Copernicus' Captured with DMK 21AF04

Blogged by Jonathan Maron on June 10, 2007 and tagged with Sample Images, Moon.

Two images by Mike Salway, based in Australia have been published at LPOD lunar photo of the day.

Chuck Wood, the maintainer of LPOD, writes:

Craters have a family resemblance, but their relationship is based on physics not blood. The impact process is a complex balance of forces, with the energy of impact working against the force of gravity and the bond strength of rocks. For craters with diameters larger than about 30 km the tremendous kinetic energy of impact largely overwhelms variations due to target characteristics, and large craters look pretty much alike.

Mike captured these images with The Imaging Source DMK 21AF04:


Mike's rig: 12″ newt on EQ6, DMK 21AF04, 5x powermate and astronomik R filter.