Two Movies Created with DMK 21AF04.AS

Blogged by Jonathan Maron on May 23, 2007 and tagged with Sample Images, Moon, Saturn, Animation.

The self-proclaimed first French language podcast for amateur astronomers (le premier podcast francais des astronomes amateurs) has published two exceptional movies showing our astronomy cameras in action.

For the purposes of these movies, the author deploys a DMK 21AF04.AS.

In the first one, the author shows how to use the camera to capture around 3,000 singular images of the moon. He uses a Skywatcher 120 ED, 2.5 X Barlow lens, and Astro IIDC.

The images are then stacked and rendered to produce the final image.

The movie is in French, but completely understandable, even if you do not speak the language.


Below are a few stills from the movie:




In the second movie, which has been accelerated 16 times, the author has created a sequence that shows the Moon and Saturn. He states that creating this movie was especially complicated, as the moon is much brighter than Saturn. Furthermore, the weather was pretty bad.

The movie was created with the same rig as above.

Download: podcast_5.m4v

Many thanks go the author, who remains nameless - unfortunately, I could not find his name in his blog: